27 December 2013

Happy Birthday Jade Thirlwall!


Jade Amelia Thirlwall was born on December 26 and here is my birthday gift to her, a photo edit.

(made by yours truly)


I absolutely adore her and the rest of Little Mix.  They are all stunning and gorgeous. But I do not love her just because she is in Little Mix, but also of the amazing talent that she has.  She is one of the most adorable celebrities I have ever known.  She is an outstanding singer with a cute and cheerful personality.  She is also a dancer which makes me like her a lot more.  But the reason why I really love her is because she taught me to never give up.  She has auditioned for the X-Factor three times before she actually got in.  It is amazing how she showed a lot of perseverance.  It takes a lot to be able to go try again especially to a contest like this.  Most people would forget it and will not go again, but she did the exact opposite and look where she is now, she is part of the biggest girl band in the world. I'm proud of her even if I have not met her (although I'd kill to meet her like seriously haha). I hope she continues to stay this way. I'll be supporting her until the very end. THIRLWALLER FORVER. HIHI 


Now let me end with a quote from her that I got from the Little Mix Video Diaries (specifically diary number 5):

(photo was made by yours truly)


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