21 January 2014

Take a Peek of the Tutu

I am a ballet dancer.  Ballet is one of the types of dances that I really love because it is calm and classy at the same time.  It may look like the easiest thing but hard work is needed to do the steps said.

Last Monday, January 20, was the first day I got to see my costume for this year's ballet recital in my ballet school.  Our ballet recital this year is mainly Sleeping Beauty.  This is one of the most lovely ballets not only because it was a Disney movie already, but also because it's songs and dances are very distinct from other ballets as well.

This year, I was given the Songbird Fairy variation.  The song bird fairy is one of the 6 fairies with a variation in the ballet.  In other ballet companies, this fairy can be called the Fairy of Song, Yellow Fairy, the Canary Fairy, the Fairy of Joy, the Audacious Fairy, Fairy of Eloquence or Canari Qui Chante.  It is also has many other names but here was some of it now. My tutu is bright yellow and this is because I am a canary fairy. I will also have a tiny gold tiara which I find extremely cute. 

I was able to take photos with my friends. Here are the photos we took. You can see how my tutu (and my friends tutus) looks like! On a side note, this isn't our final costume. It isn't done yet. They still have to add some sequins and other things but I think it really looks nice. 

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