20 April 2014

Bunny Hopping

Happy Easter to everyone viewing my blog!
I love Easter not only cause I am a Catholic and my Lord Christ has risen but also the brightness and happiness of this day just makes me smile. It brings so much cheer around the place when you see children painting and looking for the eggs, petting little rabbits in the green grass, and seeing the bright colors all around. It just really puts a smile to my face. 

Let's talk about bunnies, an animal that is really associated with Easter. They are very cute, fluffy and lovely pets as for I once used to own one (RIP Snowie my rabbit #sad). Not only they were cute but they were very easy to take care of as well. One distinct feature of a bunny is its ears. It basically just pink and sticks out there. But in society today it's not only bunnies who have it but us as well. In the fashion world today, bunny ears are something that came through. Just like those cat and bear ears, it usually comes as headbands which is not only a cute hair accessory but also high class I should say. It's an accessory I think people should really consider. 

So for this Easter Bunny post, I've decided to make a photo collection bunny inspired photos I found online. Photoes came from my favorite sites like weheartit.com and trendhunter.com. I also posted photos from dazedigital.com and Joana Faria's blog and as well as bunnyslippers.com.

 Mean Girls hehe

Hope you liked my hopping, popping photoset of  bunny fashion.


  1. Hello there Sammie! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    You're an aspiring journalist din pala? I just read your past posts and saw about it. I'm a Journalism student in case you'd want to know :)


  2. Nice photos!


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