13 April 2014

Dance, Dance, Dance : The Sleeping Beauty 2014

So it has been a week since my recital Sleeping Beauty and this came hand in hand with contemporary dances as well. As I promised, here is my blog post about it. I really do miss production week. No matter how many, tiring, hard and cold (freezing due to the AC) rehearsals were still really fun and great.  For our recital, we worked with Ballet Philippines since we had to borrow some female dancers and male dancers (and a lot because my school is coed and the boys in my school clearly aren't interested).

So let's talk about Sleeping Beauty... both the ballet and the movie. There are some aspects that make these two not the same.

For one example is the names used for both. In the movie, King Stefan and Queen Leah was there while in the ballet it was King Florestan and the Queen with no name at all.

Movie Version: King Stefan and Queen Leah

Ballet Version played by Christopher Nino Royeca as King Florestan XXIV and Denise Parungao as Queen

And even though Aurora's name was still Aurora in both the movie and the ballet, the prince's name is different too. But don't worry, they both still save Aurora from her deep slumber and wake her up. The ballet's prince is Prince Desire while in the Disney movie we all know him as Prince Philip.

Left photo is Prince Desire played by Mark Anthony Gratos and Right photo is the cartoon Prince Philip

The villain in Sleeping Beauty in the ballet also has a different name from the villain in the movie but they still seek the same goal and the same drive on why they want to achieve their goal; simply to kill the new princess since they weren't invited in her first birthday party. #sadlife But both of these villains are really powerful, sassy and supreme which is why she is my favorite fairytale villain of all time. Her aura is just strong to the point that you want to get to know more about her. Glad that there is going to be a movie about her! Now, her name in Disney is Maleficent and her name in the ballet is Carabosse.

First photo is movie version and next two is Carabosse, ballet version, played by Diorella Santos

Let's not forget her companion. That's a difference too. As you see Maleficent's companion in the movie was a raven named Diablo and her goons while in the ballet it was rats.

Four different male dancers who played as Carabosse's rats in our ballet recital

Some characters like the Page and Catalabutte are characters that are part of the ballet but never existed in the movie. Catalabutte was "The Master of Ceremonies" of Princess Aurora's first birthday while the Page was the guy who checks on the invitation list and lets people in.

Left Photo: Catalabutte played by Boni Guerrero; Right Photo: The Page played by Ricmar Policarpio

And look what Carabosse did to Catalabutte when she did not see her name on the guest list... Yikes!!! His "hair" got off. Lesson Learned: Never ever ever mess with Carabosse!

Diorella Santos as Carabosse and Boni Guerrero as Catalabutte

Both the story of the movie and the ballet were 90% similar which leads us to Aurora and her prince's wedding and a happy ending. Hooray!! They surely had a a lot of guests and I mean a lot but that is also where the ballet and the movie differs. The movie's guests were all royals and people while in the ballet different fairytale characters like Puss n Boots and the White Cat, Princess Florine, Bluebird, and the Jewel Fairies came to the event.

These were the guests to their wedding party in the MOVIE

From left to right: Elise Gaston (cousin) as one of the Sapphire Fairies, Emilia Ramirez as one of the Gold Fairies, Emerald Fairies group, two of the Little Red Riding Hoods ; All were guests of the wedding celebration

Michael Abuel as Puss and Boots and Corinne Siniguian as White Cat while performing the Puss n Boots and White Cat Pas De Deux (my absolute favorite)

Joanne Sartorio as Princess Florine and Danilo Dayo as Bluebird

I think the clearest difference of the movie and the ballet is the FAIRIES. These fairies are the good ones and they shower baby Princess Aurora with lots of gifts. In the movie, there were 3 good fairies namely Flora, Fuana and Merryweather while in the ballet, there are 6 good faries with the head fairy also known as Lilac Fairy.
Steph Carbal as Lilac Fairy

Top Photo: Three Fairy Godmothers in the movie
Bottom Photo: 5 Good Fairies from Left to Right: Sam Halili as Violente or Fairy of Dance, Dottie Bayang as Candide or Fairy of Beauty, Sammie Dacanay (me) as Canari or Fairy of Song, Marielle Livelo as Breadcrumb or Fairy of Generosity and Lizel Manalansan as Coulante or Fairy of Goodness)

Lastly, here are some photos of the sweet and lovely couple... *drum roll please*.... AURORA AND THE PRINCE!!

Prince Philip and Princess Aurora in the movie

Amazing still from the pas de deux of Katrene San Miguel as Princess Aurora and Mark Antony Gratos as Prince Desire

Lastly, I would just like to show you some shots of random parts of our ballet in general either from the Sleeping Beauty Act or the Contemporary Acts. Enjoy!
Some stills of the Canari Variation (me hihi)




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