6 April 2014

Please be careful of my fragile heart

A week of summer and I have gradually developed my interest in writing. By this week you will see a new post about my ballet recital (hint: sleeping beauty), but for now I'd like to share with you all a poem I made.

As I have explained in my about page, my wrtings are best expressed in news and feaure articles. Why do I make a poem all of the sudden? Well, one of my best friends encouraged me to do so. He (yes, he) believes anyone can write, the only thing a person who would like to write needed was to find that sense of emotion for the topic that I (or you) would like to write about. He knows that I am not the type of girl who does poetry or a literary technicque but he really encouraged me to try it and post what I have. I took a shot in it and TADA here it is. (Please feel free to comment anything.)

Please be careful with my heart
by sammie the stargirl

Please be careful of my fragile heart-
it is something one must bear with.
Like any other glassware package,
It is must be handeled with care.

Please be careful of my fragile heart-
it has gone through thick and thin,
and ups and downs of a giant mountain range
as it always felt like a lonely wanderer

There is a tremendous and mighty force,
that pushes it to go on.
It runs and runs forever
but never finds that lost someone.

And when it does, he goes away
Avoids the girl who he called to stay.
He has brought it to a cliff
where it could jump off or live.

And so this is where its story ends,
if it did fall of the cliff.
please be careful of my fragile heart-
for as long as I shall live.

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