25 May 2014

Short Shares: The Fault In Our Stars Extended Trailer

In two weeks, the well-known movie based off the best selling novel of John Green, "The Fault In Our Stars", will be showing on the big screen. My country was one of the lucky ones who got an early screening but sadly we(friends)/I didn't win the raffle contest for it. But anyways, we get to watch it on June 5. (unless they changed it) Hooray!! Check out when it comes out from your country below.

I have been waiting for this since I ever heard that they were going to make a movie adaptation of it. I love the book so much which made me stay updated on what's happening to the film production through social networking sites and Fault Fanatics newsletter. I heard lots of news about the Little Infinities screening (still wish I got chosen huhu) and the soundtrack releases and the trailer. Here is the extended trailer (if you haven't seen it) since the first official trailer may not be enough (?).

I was able to hear what the attendees of the Little Infinities screening had to say about it and a lot had positive feedback. It was very loyal to the book and really cute. You can say they were very emotional when it ended and they were drowning in feels so good luck to all of us who have yet to watch it! It surely did not disappoint from what I have heard. :-)

I cannot wait to see the movie! Can't you?


  1. I caan't wait to see the movie too!! Been watching the trailers xx
    Joined your site!! Hope to collab with you soon!

    I'd love to hear something from you! x


    1. Hi there! Thank you. :) Feel free to email me and we can talk a lot more.

  2. The first time I read the book I was like "I'm guessing that they will make a movie adaptation of this" 'cause the story is so beautiful! Can't wait to watch it ♥
    By the way, thanks for your message Sammie. Have you read my email to you? Please let me know! Keep on blogging :)


    1. I cannot wait to watch it too! Yes I have read your reply. Sorry if I haven't replied to it though. I will take note of the dos and dont's hihi

      much love, sammie :)

  3. Hey. I love your blog so much! You've got all these lovely relatable posts and you're a fangirl too!! I love TFIOS as well by the way ;) The movie was fantastic. What did you think of it?



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