26 June 2014

Short Shares: Everyday is YOU-NIQUE Featurette

I love doing short shares but for this share, I'm showing a really exceptional fashion blog.

The blog of these two lovely ladies, S and J, have caught my attention. They were both former colleagues that share the same obsession: fashion, shopping, style. They believe any one can be fashionable in their own way. But they aren't just any simple fashion blog, they take a trip to different events and see those YOU-nique people who have exquisite style. That is something that is really YOU-nique. ;)

photo from their blog

Big flashback to the time I first met them at the Little Mix DNA album launch hosted by Astroplus and Little Mix Philippines. The theme for that fan party was neon Little Mix inspired outfits so I did my best to dress as Jade Thirlwall and put neon into it at the same time! I won their fashion competition that day. They approached me and asked me about my outfit. They were really sociable, nice and approachable. They themselves were really stylish! My outfit made it to their 'Top 10 Choice Looks of 2013' list. :) (BIG THANK YOU)

photo from their blog

L-R : Ali from eiydeeeblogs on tumblr, Me, J from Everyday is YOU-nique, and Lexi

They go to all these different events from bazaars, to fashion shows, to fan parties and simply strolling around the different shopping centers here. They approach people who they see is YOUnique.

Lucky for me, I was able to interview them and I'd love to share this interview with you. They answered questions about fashion blogging, fashion advice and the like.

1) What is the story behind of your URL? Who thought of "YOU-nique"?
J: I wanted to launch a site where I'll be able to feature Filipinos on their own personal style. Kinda like a style-hunter on our own streets. I thought of the name YOU-NIQUE first mainly because YOU are unique. Everyday we are unique in the sense that we change and we evolve. Hence, everydayisYOUNIQUE. I approached S, who was my colleague before and shares the same passion as mine (also knowing her skills with writing and editing) and she immediately jumped into the bandwagon :)

2) What do you love most about fashion blogging or simply blogging?
S: Blogging is freedom of expression ..you dont have to cluster a crowd, identify a group or a population and not certainly a job in pulp to say what you have to say. If you have something interesting to share to the blogosphere then go right ahead...it doesn't have to be good enough and judge who may wanna judge just be true to what your interests should be...hahaha.
J: You write what you want: what you have in mind, what you feel, what interests or fascinates you, what catches your attention, and I think you already know how it'll go hahaha..We often write what we see and what we think. 

3) What inspired you girls to start your blog?
S: Fashion of course and probably the lack thereof here in the metro. I mean...i have this automatic response to glance and smile at someone who dresses really eeriely on the street like they dont care what the world may say..and that's unique..that's a protest to this country's phobia of the non convention...and to celebrate that..we have this. It's the least we can do.
J: Due to boredom at work, I accidentally bumped into a certain cite of a photographer where mostly his subjects are people on the streets. Also the fact that I'm commuting most of the time and I see different people with different styles. I asked S if she wanted to work with me on this "adventure" and since we share the same "passion", we made it happen!

4) What are your fashion must-haves?
S: Mine is a colorful hair...my latest ensemble. A pair of really eccentric sunnies and shoes and a really good pair of shoes.
J: My number one would really be good shoes. Perhaps a white long sleeves polo shirt. It can actually be paired with anything which can make you look sophisticated, laid-back, and regal. 

5) What do you spurge on?
S: Shoes..because you bet you'll be lost if you suddenly trip on a bad heel or sole. Always go for quality and don't mind the price if it's totally worth it and Manic Panic hair color.
J: Same as S, SHOES!!! I won't feel guilty if ever I get a great pair :)

6) Favorite event you've covered?
S:The Fashion weeks are always the best. I mean when you go to other events you usually source-out for looks, but on fashion weeks? It's one big fashion all-you-can-eat buffet.
J: I would say the Fashion Week as well. It's as if it's the time of the year where you will discover people in their own fashion sense that you've never seen before. Whenever we attend one, I often say: "Where have you been all this time?" because I rarely see people be like who they are on regular days. 

7) Give one fashion tip and advice that one must always remember!
S:Fashion tip? Guess just be yourself, really? It's a cliche but if someone is to develop there own personal style that's for theirs for taking. You can't really force fashion, it's an aesthetic that one develops and changes too wherever someone is in the there lifetime. Even body types are bull, just wear what you want and if you feel confident in it and it comes from within, it usually shows. It does. It's a weird perception but it does happen. 
J: High five with S on being yourself. Nothing beats believing and developing confidence. You don't really have to splurge on clothes. Just look at the Koreans and Japanese. They mostly go to thrift stores or wear hand-me-downs, pair eccentric pieces, but they wear it like nobody in the world cares and, they look good!

8) Anything to say to YOUnique readers?
S: Keep being YOU-NIQUE! 
J: What I keep on reminding everyone: BE YOURSELF, BE YOUNIQUE. And of course, support our site - share it to your friends and whoever, HAHAHA..

Hope you do get to check out their blog! :) 
What do you love about blogging?


  1. Thank You Sammie for this lovely feature! Hoping to spread the love and style to other YOUNIQUEs ♥ Stay fab! ;)


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