6 June 2014

Summer 2014: Junior Book Crew

I am here typing out this blog post since school is drawing nearer and the workshop I've attended for almost the whole summer has ended. Being part of the Fully Booked Junior Book Crew 2014 definitely made my summer and is certainly one of the best things I ever had in my whole 16 years of living. This also crosses out some things in my bucket list so hooray! 

As stated in the blog post from the Fully Booked blog, it is a 12-session workshop that will give children ages 11-16 an opportunity to expand their love for books and the written word, plus a chance to experience what it is like to perform certain tasks in the bookstore. (And I really think they achieved that.) Only 30 people could be accepted in this workshop so I was glad when I heard I made it in. 

With most of my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays blocked out of my schedule, I have been going to the Fully Booked bookstore branch at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and it has become part of my summer routine. Every time I do go there, I bring my handy dandy notebook! Just kidding, I bring my "passport-looking" (as how my fellow JBC mates think it is) notebook from Venzi. It has helped me keep note of everything that happened in the program since day 1.

The first six sessions of the workshop entitled as "The Tales of the Imagination and Legendary Adventures" focused on the art of wordcrafting in which we learned free writing and making a story. My first thought of it was that it would actually be like a book support group wherein we all sit down in a circle and have a bookish related topic BUT I WAS DEFINITELY WRONG. We did those things on our free time and when we come early or stay late. We basically started from square one (which sort of reminded me of english classes at school) where we discussed about the elements of a story and how to craft each one of it. In the end, we even had to act and present the story we made. Besides from those we were introduced to different forms of writing like blurbs, nano-fiction and poetry. I honestly did not expect this at the workshop but I was certainly pleased it happened. I am not the novel-writing type of person and these six days helped me improve on making stories. I give a big thank you to our moderators, Ms. Sheila, and also my fellow buddies in the workshop.

Ms. Sheila and I

Since it was a book workshop, we also took book shelfies and some days we were allowed to wear our favorite book themed shirts. *cue fangirling*
Book Shelfie 

Photos as my character with my dog-looking cat and my TFIOS 'Okay? Okay.' shirt.

The last six sessions were dedicated to in-store working or as we like to call it "labor (in a fun way)". Guided by Ms. Vicky (Fully Booked representative and assistant moderator during the wordcrafting sessions), each meeting we were assigned to different tasks. We could either wrap and package books (being assigned to the different floors in the very tall bookstore), tell a story to little kids, work on cute social media posts, work in customer's service or do special tasks for events that the bookstore has. All were fun tasks. I enjoyed customer's service even if it was tiring. (I gave book passes, made calls and manned the baggage check-in.) Another plus is we also got to meet and work with other people from the Fully Booked Marketing Team and Team Lucy as well which was SO COOL. 

All those eleven days passed and graduation day came. Batch 1, Batch 2 and our moderators had a mini party to celebrate the workshop's success and completion. Certificates were awarded to all the participants. We all got to mingle with each other. We also ate A LOT of food and we got freebies as well. We all got a 10% discount card, Divergent tattoos and The Mortal Instrument tattoos.  *cue fangirling once more*
Certificate Receiving

Batch 1

Batch 2

Sadly, we can only join this workshop once to be able to give a chance to other people to try it out. *cue crying this time* I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORKSHOP TO YOU READER. You will be able to: 1) know how things work around in the bookstore, 2) express yourself to writing and, 3) meet new people who could be your friends and all talk about something you surely both love... BOOKS. I will surely miss this workshop not only because of the great experience I had but also because of the people I got to meet. The fact we do not all go to the same school kinda sucks but I am very glad I got to know each and every one of them (even those in Batch 2! hihi). It was a very bookish family that I will never forget. 

To end this, I would just like to give out some thank you's!!!
Ms. Sheila and Ms. Vicky: Thank you for being there during our sessions.
BATCH 1: Thank you for being a great family in our not soundproof room. I love you all! Thanks for being part of my summer.
BATCH 2: Even if I wasn't able to meet all of you, I am surely glad I got to meet you. Thanks for being part of my summer!
FULLY BOOKED: THANK YOU FOR ORGANIZING A WORKSHOP LIKE THIS! I truly enjoyed. My summer was great because of this. THANK YOU. 

me being well... me behind customer's service

will love these little girls forever HAHA


  1. Hi!! I loved your post. I have always wanted to part of the Fully Booked team. I never knew there was a workshop like this. I hope I could join some other time. Hehehe. I'm always glad to see young Filipino teens blog. Hope you could see mine too :)

    Vianne x

    1. Thank you! It was certainly fun and an awesome experience so I hope you could join it or try out the other workshops and events Fully Booked hosts. :) And I will check your blog as well! Thanks for visiting.


  2. love your blog! so sweet and cute. and the workshop sounds so fun!


  3. Cute Blog !! and I like your The Fault in Our Stars shirt where'd you got it ? Oh I'm working on following you on your blog but my computer says that they're working on it :|


    1. Thanks Molly! I tried to fix my follow button so check it again and I hope you do join it. :) Also, I got my shirt from The Perfect White Shirt. They have many branches. Just search them online.

  4. I love TFIOS as well.. ♥♥♥♥

    1. The Fault In Our Stars is really really good. No doubt. :)


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