29 July 2014

This Is How I Blog Tag

I was found this tag on Cathy's blog and decided to do it. It did say that anyone was free to do so, so here it is!

Do you prefer: bright colors for your blog OR simple colors?
Simple colors because bright colors can be distracting or irritating to the eyes and simplicity is beauty. <3

Do you blog in: quiet areas, or loud areas?
I usually blog at night when the temperature is cold and it is silent.

How would you describe your blog? A book blog, fashion blog, etc.
I'd have to say my blog is a personal/writing/lifestyle blog. hihi

Long posts, short posts, or somewhere in the middle?
It depends on the topic but I am fine with any.

When you first started your blog, what did you think?
I was scared of what people would think of me and I did not really know how was I going to go about it. But hey, I managed to get here. I did it!!!
How do you think your blog is going to be like in the future?
Besides from it having more posts, it will still be probably be a personal/writing/lifestyle blog. I might have more followers in the future! Who knows? I also hope to get some blog awards, meet new blogger friends and continue this til forever.

I tag..... Cindy, Molly, West, and YOU reader!! :) Enjoy.

28 July 2014

Sixs and Tens

There will always be a day in the month when you are absolutely bored and then you find something to do just in the nick of time... For me, that was creating six word stories and ten word love stories with one of my best friends (let's leave the name at b). We had nothing to talk about and came up talking about it. For some apparent reason, my friend finds it easier to make six word stories while I find it easier to do ten. Credits to us. Here are our works:

"Six word stories are not easy." - me
"She can't make six word stories." - me
"She thinks of what to reply." - me
"Yet she cannot reply. She's stunned." - b
"Hey there, I love you to the moon and back." -me
"She decided. She pulled the trigger." -me
"Love is blind. So they say." -b
"Broken hearts will eventually be healed." -b
"The phone call ended. It's over." -me
"Ten words aren't enough to express my love for you." -me
"Love is what is important and the two in love." -b
"She loved him. He loved her. That's all that mattered." -me
"I love you. Don't forget that." -b
"Their eyes finally met and it stayed like that forever." -me
"She fell for him. She fell hard and didn't regret." -b

Thank you B for doing this with me. Big shout out to you! <3

Comment a six word story or ten word love story that you made or that you like.

20 July 2014

Poisoned Sunset

Rainy season starts again and we had no classes because a typhoon even dropped by, so with the sweater weather and the absence of electricity, I have brought myself to scribbling my writing ideas. This is one of the things I put in my journal.
When I have a thought in mind, I immediately write it down so I do not forget... I try to expand on it as well whether I want it as a poem or short prose. Some reason the drive on writing about that thought is on timer and I suddenly stop thinking and rest it at there. I get back to it once the thought comes back and hopefully finish the work.
This is what happens with some of my other works and this one as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Title: Poisoned Sunset

15 July 2014

071514 - Recently

I'll be doing a new series of blog posts entitled "recently". These posts will show the little things I've been doing lately. Enjoy!!

Keys to Great Writing by Stephen Wilburs (because every writer needs a guide to writing)

Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer 

California Salad and Japanese food

Water and Starbucks.

Attended my friend's debut, taking ballet classes, working in the school newspaper as the News Editor, doing school work, getting pumped up for Student Media Congress 2014
Me, the birthday girl Ching and Bryan (at the back)

Advanced Class 2 2014-2015

Some members of my school's newspaper called Counterpoint

Nothing Feels Like You performance live by Little Mix (The choreography is just amazing and I have to learn it. It's my favorite song from them.)

5 July 2014

Beats Me

School has started so I will try to post as much. I have got some almost done blogposts but they do still needs some reading. I've also got lots of plans and ideas on what to post since I have so much things coming up this July.
But for now here is somewhat a filler post. 

When one gets too much in a writing mood, it results to this. This short poem is really part of my deep and inner thoughts. Sammie's inner poet came out!

Title: Beats Me
Til the next blog post!