30 June 2014


My thoughts 7AM in the morning when you're on your bed and you might have thought too much.

When something is experienced for the first time, one will have either of these two emotions: satisfaction or disappointment. If one feels pleased with the object, he or she will want to yearn for more. It goes opposite for those who are displeased with a product. Those who want to yearn for more want to feel pleasure. Take to it as an example, a strawberry ice cream and a little girl, if a little girl finds the ice cream pretty due to its color, she'd love to taste it. She will ask her parents to get it for her. If she succeeds, she gets to have a taste of it. If she likes it, her wants were satisfied. She is pleased. If she is attracted to it, she would want to get more and more of it. She would crave for it. It's what she wants. It is her craving.

This goes with you too. When? The first time you showed your love. The first time you told me you loved me. Once I heard it, I'd either feel attracted or compelled to it more or maybe feel the opposite about it. But once I do feel attracted, I yearn for more and that did happen. I am allured to you. I felt a spark jolt down my spine. I'm obliged to feel your love and return it back to you. Returning it back to you wouldn't be a downfall, because I enjoy it too. I am magnetized to you as well. The feeling is surreal... But the nice kind of surreal, and I could indulge and plunge myself in that.

What else? Butterflies in your tummy cannot even fully describe how I feel about these moments. You put me in my highest spirits. You put me in a continental bliss. You made me feel like I'm on top of the world.You were everything.

You were a craving. 

26 June 2014

Short Shares: Everyday is YOU-NIQUE Featurette

I love doing short shares but for this share, I'm showing a really exceptional fashion blog.

The blog of these two lovely ladies, S and J, have caught my attention. They were both former colleagues that share the same obsession: fashion, shopping, style. They believe any one can be fashionable in their own way. But they aren't just any simple fashion blog, they take a trip to different events and see those YOU-nique people who have exquisite style. That is something that is really YOU-nique. ;)

photo from their blog

21 June 2014

Happy Thoughts List Uno

Sometimes when you're feeling down, all you need is to think of happy thoughts. They will surely brighten up your day. Happy thoughts are made as time flies by. No matter whatever the weather, whatever the mood, thinking about it will make you smile. 

1) Eating frozen yogurt
2) Having nicknames with my best friends (that only the both of us will ever understand)
3) Writing in my daily journal
4) When my glasses are super kaduper clean and clear
5) Laying under the stars
6) Being all covered up in a blanket
7) choocharoo
8) Manila International Book Fair 2013 (can't wait for the one this year!!)
9) Hosting events
10) Junior Book Crew

There are a whole lot more but these are some of the many happy thoughts I will be posting from time to time.
What are your happy thoughts?

6 June 2014

Summer 2014: Junior Book Crew

I am here typing out this blog post since school is drawing nearer and the workshop I've attended for almost the whole summer has ended. Being part of the Fully Booked Junior Book Crew 2014 definitely made my summer and is certainly one of the best things I ever had in my whole 16 years of living. This also crosses out some things in my bucket list so hooray! 

2 June 2014

Perfectly Fit

Here's to me constantly almost over-thinking about life too much (I admit at times I do and I'm working on it) and feeling what I should call the "Lang Leav mood" (it's what I get after reading her works, you get all mushy and you think too much but it's a good thing)