27 December 2014

Down The Road

This is my writing dump and I've randomly created this short prose. Enjoy!

"Down The Road"
by Sammie the Stargirl

Before you go, here is my message to you. I may be from the past; a sticky note crumpled and thrown away, a photo from the attic but please take note of this.

You are at a road given a hundred paths to choose from. These paths look different from each other as one seems to have strawberry red fields, the next with autumn amber leaves, a path that doesn't look presentable, another with bright sunflowers, one that you least expect, and many others. I want you to choose carefully on which path to take. You'll have your hands on your pocket and your forehead will be scrunched up in choosing, but choose wisely. It can affect many things. It will affect things. Once you have chosen, it will change you.

Before you do embark on that path, I wish you would be okay. I will rarely talk to you so I wish you would be doing well. I want you to be safe in that path to the point you do not have to worry about danger in the corners you see. I want you to be free-flowing like clean and clear water and embrace that path you seek. I want you to be ready of all the storms you might face along the way. Live to the fullest as all the days pass. Appreciate the little things that come to you for they give you the biggest smiles. All I want you to know is that someone loves you. That someone cares for you. If you haven't seen that person yet, that path will have him/her and walk no matter how long it takes. I also want you to know that you like pistachio ice cream, watching a butterfly come out of its cocoon, constellations, seeing the sun rise, hide and seek and hidden treasures.
The path you chose has made you different now.

You are no longer the person you used to be. And I do not need to know how much or how or why you did change... All I know is I did too.

Happy Holidays readers! :) Hope you had a great Christmas! How did you spend your Christmas day?

12 December 2014

Star Crossed Lovers

And no this isn't "got a long list of ex-lovers" or "starbucks lovers", it's simply just star crossed lovers by yours truly. Hope you enjoy this work of mine.