27 January 2015

Let's Make a Playlist

Here is a new blog post series called "Let's Make a Playlist!" I decided to do this so not only I can discover new music but also you my fellow readers. A playlist will be created through readers commenting on the post of a song that relates to the theme given. No songs should be repeated.

Theme - Lumiere: A Starry Night

My song: Yellow by Coldplay

Feel free to comment any song that relates to the theme. Have fun! 

25 January 2015


I have been planning to post something new... til ALL my files in my computer corrupted. :( It sucks but maybe it's a sign of something new. It will take me a while to be posting soon.

For now, I would like to share this picture with you. It's made by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling. They have a lot of cute books and one of them is "Me Without You" and here is a very nice photo about it. Let me know what your thoughts are because I am absolutely in love with this. hihi

I have also updated my bucket list so you can check that out too!

12 January 2015

Guest Post: Emily

Hi readers! This is the first guest post in my blog and it is by Emily from my life is a pre teen dork. Enjoy!


Hello! I am Emily from my life as a pre teen dork and today I am guest posting on Sammie the Stargirl which is one of my favourite blogs. This post is about a unigirl. It is a 110 word story! So let's start from here.

Once there was a town, and in that town there was a house, and in that house there was a girl- well actually there were three girls but we’re not really going to talk much about two of them. Our story is about Angel who was thirteen and the youngest sister. Her two older sisters Mel and Angelica were sixteen and eighteen. There was a secret that Angel had that neither of them knew: she was 50% unicorn and 50% human girl. This meant she could fly and heal. She made the decision not to tell anyone because if she did they wouldn’t believe her, only she knew the truth.


If anyone gets inspired and writes their own 110 word story on their blog please give me the link via a comment or contact form entry on my blog as I would love to read it.


~Emily :) //my life as a pre teen dork

10 January 2015

Lessons of 2014

Saying, "this year was a roller coaster" is mainstream.

The year 2014 was a tidal wave sweeping me to different shores, may it be bad or good.  I had great memories and learned new things. Here's a brief post about it.

1) Grasp every opportunity you are given.
I do not regret every single event I have been to for it made me grow and learn new things.  Whether the turnout is good or bad, you will learn something when you try new things.  Don't be shy when given an opportunity for it can change your life.  If you want to try something new, try it out.

2) It's totally OKAY to CRY.
There are times when you just hate life, shun people around you, and simply break down. This makes you think that crying is for the weak or crying is the wrong thing to do when in fact, it isn't.  Crying is not for the weak.  Crying shows you are human.  Letting all the tears out will help you face the trials you are given.  I've held tears and I learned it only makes you feel worse and your eyes are going to hurt.  It is always better to release than hold it in.


4) Do not be too harsh on yourself.
It is a bad habit to push and beat yourself around with words so take it easy on yourself. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Be strong. Believe everything will be okay. 

5) PRAY.
This is self-explanatory. Always have faith.

6) Do what makes you happy.
Leave the things that make you sad and keep what makes you happy. You are someone who does not deserve to be sad.  

A late HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS!! Hope you have a good year ahead of you. I haven't been posting since I was out of town and I was feverish. How did you spend you new year's eve?